Your First Appointment at Rula

This article provides a step-by-step guide to your first appointment at Rula, from before you start the telehealth session to the steps you must complete immediately after. 

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Step 1: Your Client is Sent an Intake Packet

When starting at Rula, clients are sent an intake packet which includes: 

  • Consent forms
  • Measurement-Informed Care (MIC) survey bundle (e.g., PHQ-9, GAD-7)
  • New Patient Intake Survey (with questions like "Why are you seeking therapy?" and "Have you been in therapy before?"). 

We require the client to sign and return the consent forms before they are added to your calendar, but the other documents (i.e., MIC survey bundle, and New Patient Intake Survey) are not required.

Note: All clients must complete registration to confirm their first visit which includes completing consent forms.


You can always email your clients and ask them to fill out the forms before they see you. If the client completes the intake packet, they will be listed in the client's chart in the provider portal. 

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Step 2: Start the Telehealth Session

When it is time for your first client session at Rula, you can access Telehealth sessions from inside the chosen appointment on your calendar in the provider portal.

Note: You’re able to join the appointment up to 30 minutes before its starting time.


Check out this article for more information about starting a telehealth session from the Rula provider portal.

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Step 3: Complete the Initial Assessment

Every client receiving treatment at Rula must have an initial assessment completed during their first visit in order to identify treatment needs, establish a diagnosis, and determine therapeutic fit. 

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Step 4: Document Your First Session

We often get questions from therapists about what to do directly after their first client session at Rula. There are a few tasks you must complete in order to properly document the session and be compensated for your time. 

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Note: We’re currently testing our new clinical documentation feature with a small group of therapists in the Rula provider portal. We can't wait to roll it out to everyone soon! If you’re not part of the beta group right now, don’t worry – we’ll keep you posted and let you know as soon as it’s available for you. Thanks for your understanding and patience as we work to bring this exciting update to you!


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