Psychiatric evaluation referral requests

The Rula Care Coordination team can assist therapists when their clients need a psychiatric medical evaluation. This article provides an overview of which clients are eligible to see psychiatric providers at Rula and which clients will be referred outside of Rula for psychiatric services. It also provides steps for how to make requests to refer clients to psychiatric services for each of these groups.

Psychiatric services at Rula

Clients eligible to see a psychiatric provider at Rula for psychiatric medication services include:

  • Clients 13 and older in California not covered by Kaiser insurance
  • Clients 13 and older in the below states:



For clients outside of these states:

  • Use the Provider Care Coordination Form under the Resources tab in the Rula provider portal to initiate the request for psych services.
  • The Care Coordination team will email the client a psychiatric resource and direct the client to their insurance for in-network psychiatric care.

    Resources tab CC form.png

Requesting psychiatric services within Rula for your clients

There are two ways to initiate a psychiatric evaluation referral for your CA clients:

  1. Log in the provider portal.
  2. Click the on Resources tab, located on the menu on the left side of the page.
  3. Click the Provider Care Coordination Form.
  4. Select Psychiatry scheduling under the Type of Care Coordination section.
  5. Select a reason for your referral in the drop-down box.
  6. Click Send

The client can also self-refer by logging into the Rula patient portal and adding Psych to their care team or by calling the Rula Support team at (323) 205 - 7088. 

Once the form is submitted, or the client has self-referred, the client will receive automated outreach with their scheduling link

Kaiser SoCal clients

Clients in SoCal covered by Kaiser insurance have a different process for psychiatric medication evaluation referrals. Clients covered by Kaiser must be referred for a psychiatric medication evaluation by you, their therapist. Clients cannot contact Kaiser directly to request a psychiatric medication evaluation.

To refer Kaiser clients:

  • Use the Provider Care Coordination Form to initiate the request
  • The Rula Care Coordination team will complete the necessary paperwork based on the information included in the care coordination request form and submit the request to Kaiser. If approved, Kaiser will contact the client directly to schedule.

Cedars-Sinai Medicare Advantage clients with Blue Cross Blue Shield

Rula has expanded therapy and psych care to patients in California with Cedars-Sinai Medicare Advantage (MA) insurance through a Blue Shield plan. Inform your patients who are seeking to add psych that they must make an additional request for a psych referral from Cedars-Sinai.


All other Medicare Advantage clients with other insurance plans can only participate in therapy at Rula at this time.

Referring Non-Rula clients to Rula's psychiatry services

You can refer non-Rula clients to receive psychiatry services at Rula by having them fill out an intake form that can be found on our website. Simply have the patient navigate this link.

Continuing therapy with clients you refer for psychiatry services

Even if a client submits a request for psychiatry, they have the choice to continue therapy sessions with you while the request is being reviewed. This approach ensures continuity of care and supports the client's right to make informed decisions about their treatment.

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