Discharge a client from your caseload

This article outlines the steps that you’ll need to take when a client’s treatment comes to an end. Below you can find step-by-step instructions from start to finish for how to discharge a client from your caseload. 

  1. Discuss discharge with the client
    • In the event of client disengagement, a general best practice would be to conduct (and document!) multiple outreach attempts over a few-week period to seek re-engagement and offer options for resuming care in the future, if desired, prior to discharging. 
  2. Complete the discharge note in the Rula provider portal
    • View the components of a discharge note and best practices for completing discharge notes here
  3. Cancel all upcoming appointments
    • View the step-by-step guide for canceling appointments here
  4. 28 days from your last appointment, the client will be automatically removed from your current caseload. 
    • As this step is automatic, no further action is needed from you!
    • This is the number used to calculate your new client capacity.
    • You can always adjust your practice settings in the provider portal as needed to accommodate for changes in caseload
  5. The client will fall off of your active client list. 
    • As this step is automatic, no further action is needed from you!
    • Your active client list does not equal your current caseload. This list is not used to calculate your availability for seeing new clients. 
  6. Discharging a client from your care does not discharge them from Rula, so they can continue other services or seek a different therapist. 

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