Updating your preferences and expertise for better client matching

This article explores how you, as a therapist in the Rula network, can effectively use preferences and expertise settings to enhance client matching. This guide provides an overview of the customizable options available in your provider portal and their impact on the matching process.

Video Overview

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This video provides an overview of how to effectively use preferences and expertise settings to enhance client matching.

Maximizing Effective Client-Therapist Matches

  • Selection of Preferences: You have the flexibility to select various preferences that play a crucial role in the client matching experience. This includes choosing the client populations you work with beyond adult individuals, such as couples, families, and minors, as well as your clinical specializations.
  • Dynamic Settings: Recognizing that your professional focus may evolve, these settings are dynamic, allowing you to update them at any time to align with your changing needs and interests.
  • Impact on Matching Process: The choices you make regarding client populations and clinical specializations directly influence the matching process. Accurately setting these preferences can lead to a higher volume of clients that align with your specific areas of expertise or interest.
  • Importance of Up-to-Date Information: Keeping your preferences and expertise current is essential for ensuring high-quality matches with clients who are most suitable for your skill set and therapeutic approach.
  • Easy Updates in the Provider Portal: Once your profile is live on Rula, you can conveniently update these settings in your provider portal, ensuring continuous alignment with your professional goals and preferences.


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