Your pay rates

Rula is committed to creating an environment where both clients and therapists can thrive.

As such, our rates are set based on the current contracts we have with our payor partners. This allows our clients to utilize their insurance to access the high-quality care that therapists who contract with Rula provide.

Rula is dedicated to evaluating and negotiating our contracts with our payor partners. As those contract rates change, it is Rula’s aim to pass those increases on to therapists in our network.

Additional resources

  • Rula therapist payments guide - Outlines the payment process for services provided through Rula.
  • Getting paid at Rula - Reviews how you will get paid through direct deposit and the steps you can take to enroll in Rula's direct deposit system, Tipalti.
  • Billing and insurance policies - Key procedures and policies for handling client billing, including insurance collection, credit card charges, and payment plans.

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