Overview of client charts in the Rula provider portal

You can access client charts through the clients tab on the left of the provider portal. Selecting a client on your client roster will open the client chart within the clients tab.

Client charts in the provider portal are made up of the following sections:

  • Overview
  • Measures
  • Notes & Documents

Your client's demographic information is displayed at the top of the chart and will remain visible as you switch between the three sections of the client chart.

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Note: Emergency contact information, client address, and Chart ID can be viewed in AdvancedMD.

In addition to the client's personal/contact information, you can also access the following directly from the overview section:

  • Appointment history (including with other providers on care team)
  • A telehealth link for the next appointment
  • Links to create a note in AdvancedMD

Appointment Cards

Appointment cards in the overview section display:

  • Appointment date
  • Appointment type
  • Provider name
  • Any of your notes linked to the appointment

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If the note has been signed, you will see Signed next to the note type.
Screenshot 2023-11-22 at 8.37.42 AM.png


If a note has not been started, you can create a note by clicking Start note in AdvancedMD on the appointment card.
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If an appointment card displays an appointment with a different provider on the client's care team, you will see No Note on the appointment card.

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Next appointment

Under the Next appointment section, you can:

  • Begin the telehealth session by clicking Start video appointment 
    • This button will appear 30 minutes before your session start time
  • Copy the telehealth link by clicking Copy link
  • Start a note by clicking Create note in AdvancedMD
    • This will open the AdvancedMD website in a new tab

Client Charts Access.png

Quick Memos

Quick memos are an element of the client chart that is only accessible in AdvancedMD. These memos may be used by you or Rula's support team to share important information and updates about the client, such as preferred name and pronouns. 

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