Getting paid at Rula

This article reviews how you will get paid through direct deposit and the steps you can take to enroll in Rula's direct deposit system, Tipalti. Additionally, you can find information on how Rula bills patients and important details on our 24-hour cancellation policy. 


How / when will I get paid? 

Our scheduled deposit day is every other Friday. However, our payment processes sometimes process payments a day early on Thursday. If you don't receive payment on Thursday please wait until after Friday to contact Support about a missed payment. If you have not yet been set up with a direct deposit, please reach out to You’ll receive your invoice for the sessions you’ve had a few days before each payment.

To view Pay Periods in your Google Calendar, click here.


How does Rula bill my patients? 

Your patients give us a credit card, which we verify before they can schedule an appointment with you.

Your patients are told upfront what their co-pays are. We will charge the card on file the night of the appointment or the day afterward. Their credit card statement will attribute the charge to Rula


What is our cancellation policy? 

We have a 24-hour cancellation policy. So if your client cancels before the 24-hour window before their appointment, there is no fee.


How do you enroll in direct deposit?

See this help center article about our payment software, Tipalti, to log in and signup for direct deposit. 


Who do I contact if I did not get paid? 

If you are missing a payment, please reach out to

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