Accessing Fraud Waste and Abuse course to see Medicare clients

To work with clients covered by public insurance plans, completing our Fraud, Waste, Abuse & General Compliance course is a prerequisite. You can access this course by registering with our partner WorkRamp. This article provides step-by-step guidance on setting up a WorkRamp account to complete this and future training.

Complete account setup for Rula Learning Hub from your email invitation 

The email will come from Rula <> and have the subject line “Your invitation to Rula Learning Hub”  Click Create account to register

  1. You’ll then be asked to enter your first and last name and set a password to register.
  2. Select “Yes” under “I am a Rula therapist”
  3. Click Register to create your account

    Note: The email address you use here must be the email address associated with your provider portal account. This field cannot be changed

Complete the Compliance Course

  1. Once you register, navigate to the “Compliance Courses” page to access the Fraud Waste and Abuse course.

  2. Click the Fraud Waste and Abuse course (pictured above) to be taken to the course home page. Then click Start to begin the first module. There are 3 modules to complete: 
    1. Fraud Waste and Abuse General Compliance Training
      • This module will have knowledge checks throughout that do not contribute to the post-assessment score. These are simply for you to check your understanding.
    2. Fraud Waste and Abuse Post-Assessment & Resources
    3. Fraud Waste and Abuse Completion Message

    4. Within the first module, you’ll click Next at the top or bottom of the page to progress through the course.

    5. Click Submit at the end of each knowledge check within the module to check your answers. If you’d like to retry, you can click Retake Questions instead of clicking Next once the knowledge check is complete.

    6. After completing the first module and knowledge checks you’ll click Finish at the end of the module. You’ll know you’ve reached the end as your progress bar will read 100%.

    7. Once you click Finish a pop up will appear.  Continue to next module to move on to the next one
    8. You’ll then move on to the final assessment. Before accessing the assessment, you can review additional resources.You must pass the final assessment with a score of at least 70%. 
      • Once you’ve completed all of the questions, click Submit to reveal correct and incorrect answers. Click Finish to reveal if you’ve received a passing score of 70% or higher. 
        • If you fail, you’ll see this message. X out of the box and then click Retake Questions at the bottom of the quiz to attempt the quiz again.
        • If you pass, you’ll see this message. Click Continue to Next Module to move on to the course completion message.
  3. When you reach the end of the course you will see this screen. Click Finish to complete the course.

  4. You can then click Certification Overview to view your course completion certificate

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