Rula Client Experience Survey

At Rula, our clinical quality team is deeply committed to making this an environment where you have the tools, resources, and information to do your best work as a clinician. An important part of creating that environment is ensuring you have actionable feedback on your client’s experience in therapy under your care.

It’s with this in mind that we’ve launched the Rula Client Experience Survey.

Beginning in June 2024 and every three months thereafter, you’ll receive an email with your personalized client experience summary, which contains anonymized feedback from a selection of your Rula clients. The first survey went live to clients on Tuesday, 5/21/2024.


How is this feedback collected?

Rula will email each client a short, 3 to 5-minute survey to solicit feedback on their experience with you as a provider.

All client information will be anonymous, and clients have the option to leave open-ended, short answer feedback in addition to answering a few standard experience survey questions.

Note: This client feedback on their experience with you as a provider is distinct from a client’s self-report measures, which reflect their own symptoms throughout their course of care.


How will this feedback be used?

Most importantly, this feedback is for you. It’s important that providers in our network regularly receive positive feedback from their clients about what’s working well and regular insight into how things can improve.

Additionally, our clinical quality team will also use this data in the aggregate to better understand the experience of Rula clients as a whole, as well as to identify opportunities where support, case consultation, and more resources might better equip you all as clinicians.


When will I receive the results?

You'll receive your first Client Experience Summary, which is a completely personalized breakdown of your client survey responses, and includes direct quotes from them when available, in mid-June 2024. Then you'll receive a summary every three months while you’re an active provider in the Rula network.

Note: You'll only receive a report if you’ve had one or more clients complete the survey in each period.


How should I interpret this summary?

We ask each of your clients a series of questions about their experience under your care at Rula. The summary contains charts with aggregate data for each of the questions, as well as a section that contains each of the free response feedback your clients provided. The number of responses we received is listed at the top of the report.

Note: All questions in this survey are optional, and only patients who had completed 3 or more sessions were asked the question about symptom improvement since starting treatment.

As you review the client experience survey, you may identify themes, areas, or clinical best practices you’d like to learn about or review as a refresher. The Clinical Practice section of the provider help center is full of incredible materials, from diagnosis guides to clinical response tips and everything in between.


Who should I reach out to with questions?

If you have any questions and/or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact our team directly at We are, as always, so appreciative of the work you do and we look forward to delivering more rich feedback to continue raising the standard of care at Rula.

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