Checking measure survey status and reminding clients to fill out incomplete surveys

All clients are sent measures surveys 48 hours before their session. On the Schedule tab of the provider portal, you can see if your client has completed the health measures survey prior to their appointment. If not, you can also remind them to complete it from the client's chart within the portal.

Checking survey completion status

You can see whether or not your client has completed their measures survey in the provider portal by clicking the appointment on the Schedule tab.

Note: This feature is available as soon as the survey is made available to your client 48 hours before the appointment.

Sending a reminder to your client

You can send a reminder to your client to complete their measures survey in the provider portal by going to the client's chart and then to the next appointment section.

Measurement survey remind (1).png

Clicking on the 'Remind' link will create a pre-filled message for that client on the Messages tab of the provider portal. You can then send this message.

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