Troubleshooting Tipalti Errors

This article provides answers to the common troubleshooting scenarios of changing/resetting your password and log in errors with Tipalti. 

How do I reset/change my password in Tipalti?

To reset your password, click "Forgot Password?" on the Log In page

image (12).png

Then click Reset Password. You'll receive an email with instructions to follow to reset your password. 
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What should I do if I am locked out of Tipalti?

If you are locked out of Tipalti, please email and a Rula Payouts Associate will unlock your account.

How do I change my phone number where the 2 step verification code is sent for Tipalti?

Please email and a Rula Payouts Associate will reset the 2 step verification code allowing a new phone number to be entered.

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