Referring a therapist to Rula

This article provides guidance on how to refer a colleague to Rula. 

How to refer a colleague to Rula

We are thrilled that you want to refer a fellow therapist to Rula! We truly appreciate your trust and confidence as we strive to make mental healthcare work for everyone. We wouldn’t be able to work towards our mission without incredible therapists such as yourself and your colleagues. 

The best way to refer a colleague to Rula is by encouraging them to sign up using the Join Rula link on our website. Once there, they can learn more about how to book time with one of our team members to get their questions answered and see if Rula is the right fit for them. 

Therapist referral program

At this time, we are not offering any benefits for referring another therapist to Rula. However, if a program was in place at the time of your referral and is still being processed, we will still honor it.

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