Meet other Rula therapists through virtual coffee chats!

Rula is partnering with Orbiit, a cutting-edge virtual networking platform, bringing you a new way to connect with other Rula therapists.

These virtual networking opportunities are designed to connect you with like-minded individuals on a journey for connection, learning, and fun!

How it works

You'll be matched with another Rula therapist who shares your goals, your passions, and interests. It's a chance to dive into a 30-minute virtual chat that could spark endless possibilities!

Orbiit will send you a personalized match introduction, an editable calendar invite, and a handy conversation guide to make sure your chat flows effortlessly.

Registration emails and calendar invites will be sent from

Why virtual coffee chats?

Rula’s goal is to offer therapists “autonomy without isolation.” Working remotely can feel isolating at times. Connecting with other therapists, while discussing topics relevant to your practice and clinical experience, helps build relationships in a virtual world.

These coffee chats will be a great way to exchange ideas, learn from each other, build your referral network, and have fun!

How can I sign up?

This program is in an early launch phase. We plan to launch it to all therapists in our network by early Summer 2024.

When the program is fully launched, we will coordinate chats on a monthly basis.

You’ll receive a registration email from each time a new round of matches is launched.


How will matches be made?

At the start of each round, we’ll send you an email asking if you’d like to opt-in. You can change your response each round.

After opting-in, you’ll choose from a list of discussion topics. You’ll be matched with a Rula therapist who has similar interests. You can choose different discussion topics each round.

What if I need to reschedule my Coffee Chat?

Calendar invites are editable. You’ll receive your match’s email address in the invite. If you need to reschedule, you can swap out the Orbiit Meet link for your preferred video platform, and email that link to your match with an updated invite.

What if my match doesn’t show up to the call?

If your match doesn’t show up 2 minutes after the start time, we recommend emailing them (you can find their email on the calendar invite).

While we are taking steps to ensure all participants attend the Coffee Chat, we understand that life happens. Contact if your anticipated match doesn’t attend the call, and doesn’t contact you to reschedule.

Do I need a certain video-conference platform to participate?

Orbiit uses a third-party video servicing provider,, to run match conversations. The video service is similar to Zoom and Teams. You do not need to download any video platform to participate in the chat, however, the platform works best in the Google Chrome browser.

Who do I contact if I have technical issues with the video-conference platform?

Contact for any technical support questions or concerns.

I want to join the chat, but I’m not available on those dates.

We’ll offer chats on different days each cycle. If there’s a specific day you’d like us to offer, email and let us know!

How can I provide feedback?

Once your chat is complete, you’ll receive a feedback form asking you to submit feedback on your match, and the general chat experience. You can also make suggestions for future discussion topics! Feedback will be viewed by Rula staff and used to improve the Coffee Chat program.

Additional questions? Email

View our discussion guide linked below for conversation starters. 

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