Introduction to Clinical Quality at Rula

This article provides an introduction to Clinical Quality at Rula, defining quality as our North Star, using quality as our guiding principle, and working together with you! 

Clinical Quality is Rula’s North Star  

The entire Clinical Quality team at Rula is composed of active licensed therapists who “get it” - understanding the complexities of clinical care and the varying support needs of therapists in order to provide the most effective, quality treatment possible. Additionally, as clinicians, we know that our professional development doesn’t stop at licensure.  We all have opportunities (and responsibility) to continually unlock our potential for growth in our practices, which only increases our efficacy in helping our clients recover, heal, and meet their goals.  

The Rula Clinical Quality Team takes a systems approach to Quality. Your work in session doesn’t occur in isolation.  It’s also dependent on our systems and processes that influence outcomes and satisfaction.  We are continuously looking at our systems of care at Rula, and focusing quality improvement efforts on how we can build a better platform for you and your clients, in addition to developing an instructional environment to help your continued professional growth.  

How we use Clinical Quality as our guiding principle

  • We support
    • Rula has Clinical Quality Specialists (CQS) who offer support on clinical issues that arise in telehealth practice. CQS’ are engaged in identifying knowledge and practice gaps based on quality best practices and offer opportunities to engage in both individual and group peer consultation - an essential part of Rula’s investment in provider growth and support.
  • We educate
    • Rula has a Clinical Learning and Development team that creates clinical practice support resources for the therapist help center. We recognize that for therapists to provide the highest quality of care, it is critical that Rula provides therapists ready access to clinically meaningful, high quality resources to support you and your practice. Everything from how to write an effective treatment plan, to best practices for using Measurement Informed Care (MIC) in session - we got you.  
  • We monitor
    • Members of our Quality team monitor our collective performance on many quality indicators to identify improvement interventions that could benefit us all. Our clinical peer review process evaluates a statistically valid random sample of charts each month to identify patterns, areas of strength and opportunities for quality initiatives. We also are working with our engineering team to allow therapists to see their individual quality outcomes, to incorporate into their practice as they see fit. 

How we work together 

We see quality as an opportunity to get better every day, highlight our strengths, demonstrate our impact in client care, and celebrate our wins together.  We understand that high-quality healthcare extends beyond your work and relies on us finding ways to develop processes and systems for seamless provider and client experience. Our aim is clear - as a private practice therapist, we want you to have autonomy, without isolation. 

We want to hear from you, and encourage you to connect with us at to ask questions or provide feedback.  We look forward to working with you!

Video Overview

This video provides an overview of Rula's approach to clinical quality, what type of support you can expect, and how you can reach out with feedback, questions, or needs related to clinical quality. 

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