Updating your desired caseload in the EHR

At Rula, Desired Caseload is the number of unique clients you want to see in a 30-day period. There is no minimum caseload required to work with Rula, however, there is a maximum caseload limit of 70.

Research consistently shows that having a large number of clients creates a heavy burden and contributes to burnout for clinicians. In addition, research on best practices indicates that large caseload sizes are associated with a weak therapeutic alliance, lower quality of care, a loss of individualized care, and lower patient and clinician satisfaction. 


How To Update Your Desired Caseload

You can update your Desired Caseload through the Rula provider portal. For instructions on how to do so through your portal please see this help center article.

If you are unable to access the Rula provider portal for any reason, follow the instructions below to update your Desired Caseload:

  1. Complete this Airtable form, including the following:
    - NPI Number
    - Full Name
    - Desired Caseload (number of clients you want to see)
  2. Click Submit

Note: Although this process is automated, it is not instant. This can take a few minutes up to an hour.

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