Rula 1099s Made Easy: Your 1099 Questions Answered

This article provides a comprehensive guide for therapists about their 1099 tax forms issued via Rula and Tax1099. It explains when 1099s will be available, how therapists will be notified, and offers detailed troubleshooting steps for common issues like not receiving the 1099 email, download difficulties, and potential errors on the form.


Your tax status

Therapists working with Rula function as independent contractors, classified as 1099 workers, rather than W-2 employees. This means they manage their own business operations and taxes. In contrast, W-2 employees receive a salary with benefits and have taxes withheld by their employer.
You will receive a 1099 tax form, not a W2, to report your income for tax filing purposes.

When will 1099s be filed?

Rula is partnering with Tax1099 to handle tax filing for therapists for 2023.

Rula will complete e-filing for all therapist 1099s by Wednesday, January 31st, 2024. All therapists eligible to receive form 1099s will receive notification from Tax 1099 by that date, Wednesday, January 31st 2024.

You'll receive an email from Rula in January 2024 with reminders about accessing your 2023 1099 tax form.

I didn’t receive an email to access my 1099

If you were paid less than $600 from Rula in 2023, you will not receive a 1099 from Path (you can log into Tipalti at any time to confirm your total annual payments).

If this designation does not apply to you, and you believe you should have received a 1099, please follow these steps:

  1. Search “Tax1099” in your inbox. As a reminder, the email containing your 1099 comes from as the sender, not Rula.
  2. Verify the email you’re using is the correct one on file with Rula. You receive this message at the same email address you input into the Tipalti system for receiving payments.
  3. Check your spam or junk folders; sometimes, messages from unfamiliar senders are routed there by your email client.

If, after following these steps, you still need help locating the email, please submit a request for further assistance.

I’m having trouble downloading my 1099

Your 1099 form can be securely downloaded via Tax1099, a service Rula uses to process tax filing electronically.

The first email you receive from Tax1099 will be instructions on how to accept e-consent which is required by the IRS to gain consent to electronically deliver forms. To receive forms electronically, you must first consent to this.

Another email from Tax1099 will contain instructions for securely accessing your tax documents. Please read these instructions carefully! Your password to download your documents has been individually generated based on your account's name and tax ID (SSN or EIN) which both come from the W-9 information you completed in Tipalti.

Note: If you are still having trouble accessing your 1099 after following the instructions in the Tax1099 email, please log into Tipalti and double-check you have entered the correct information. If any information is incorrect, please correct it in Tipalti. If you believe a new 1099 should be issued with the updated information, please contact Rula support and we will review if the filing requires updating.

For security purposes, Tax1099 will not complete a password reset to help you gain access to your account.

For more information, please see the article from Tax1099.

Please note that if you received multiple 1099 forms from Rula, these might require different passwords to access based on the associated tax ID.

My 1099 contains an error

If you believe your 1099 contains an error, the best next step may differ, depending on the information you believe is incorrect:

My name and address are incorrect

If your name and/or address are incorrect, please log into Tipalti and complete an updated W-9 with the correct information. If you believe a new 1099 should be issued with the updated information, please contact Rula support and we will review if the filing requires updating.

Note: If your updated address is in a different state than the one you have on file, please note that in your correspondence with Rula support, as we will also need to re-file at the state level.

My payment amounts do not match my records

If the amounts on your form 1099 do not match your records, please log in to Tipalti and confirm your total payments received for 2023. 


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