Admitting clients to a telehealth session in Zoom

This article provides a video and step-by-step guidance on how to admit clients to a telehealth session in Zoom.

Video Demonstration

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This video provides step-by-step guidance on how to admit clients to a telehealth session in Zoom.

Guided Steps

When you join a Telehealth session from an appointment on your calendar in the Rula provider portal, you become the meeting “host” with the ability to “admit” clients from the waiting room, as well as remove participants from the call.

If clients join before their provider has, then they will be put in the waiting room.

From within the call:

  1. In the meeting controls, click Participants.
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  2. Read the participant's name carefully to make sure it matches the client’s name.
  3. If other participants are requesting to join the call, check with your client to ensure they are the intended additional caller, for example, a spouse for couples therapy or a relative for family therapy.
  4. Click Admit to have the participant join the Telehealth meeting.
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  5. Click the 3 dots at the top of a participant's video for more options. Here you can choose to:
    • Send them back to the waiting room and re-admit them onto the call.
    • Remove them from the meeting and revoke their ability to re-join the session.
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