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This article reviews how to book appointments for your clients in AdvancedMD. You’ll work with your patients to add follow-up appointments after their initial visit. We see many of our therapists taking a few minutes at the end of an appointment to work with the patient to add their next appointment to the schedule. Please follow the steps below to schedule your follow-up appointments, or if you would prefer video guidance, please navigate to the bottom of this article where you can view training videos. 

Note: Clients from other providers at Rula may show up in the EHR. Click this article for more information: Other clients showing up in your scheduler.

Follow-up appointment Instructions

  • Navigate to the date of the new appointment you’ll be adding, single-click on the start time, and select New Appt.


  • Search for the patient by the last name in the upper search bar.

  • Double-click on the appointment type (i.e., 60 Minute Therapy)


  • Click on the calendar icon in the bottom left corner to create a recurring appointment. Edit the recurrence as needed and Save.


  • Once an appointment is saved, our system will email the client confirming the appointment. Clients will automatically receive appointment reminders via email five days before the session and again 24 hours before. The 24-hour reminder will include the Zoom link to join their session.
  • Therapists do not receive email reminders regarding their appointments. Rula suggests therapists routinely log into the provider portal, check their schedules, and utilize their personal calendars to set reminders.

Create recurring appointments

To book recurring appointments for your clients, please follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Home > Scheduler.
  2. Click on the time of the reoccurring appointment, and select New Appt.
  3. Double-click on the Appointment Type, search for the patient by the last name, and confirm the duration.
  4. Click on the Reoccurrence icon(Small calendar) and select the duration, start, and end dates> Click ok >Save.

Deleting appointments

To delete an appointment from your calendar (without charging or marking your client as a no-show), single-click on the client’s appointment > Delete.


No shows/Late cancellations

Single-click on the appointment > No Show

  • To charge the client for a no-show or late cancellation, select Cancel - Charge

To mark your client as a no-show without charging, select Cancel - Do Not Charge.


Note: If the no-show is for an intake appointment, make sure to cancel the recurring appointments that are automatically set up. Reach out to the client to reschedule their intake appointment.

For canceling a recurring series of appointments, see: Canceling appointments in the Rula provider portal.


Video Overview

These instructional videos cover how scheduling at Rula works, including how to create, modify, cancel, and reschedule appointments.

Note: We're now Rula! You may still hear Path in our videos from time to time and we appreciate your patience while we continue to update our content to align with our new name.

This video covers cancellations, bookings, matching experiences, and the importance of keeping appointments.


This video covers how to schedule follow-up appointments in the EHR.


This video covers how to cancel and reschedule appointments.


This video covers recurring visits, what they are, and how to modify a series of appointments.

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