Review or update a treatment plan

At Rula, there is no set required timeline for review and updates of treatment plans. However, you should update as often as clinically indicated to ensure the treatment plan reflects the presenting problem, current goals, and interventions to address the client's symptoms and treatment needs. Aside from guiding treatment, this is particularly important when considering the need for ongoing care and the medical necessity for services.

A treatment plan that has not been updated in a substantial amount of time or lacks necessary clinical information can negatively impact care provision and client progress, so it is advisable to review and update the treatment plan with the client at regular intervals (and can be done quickly within the progress note template! See the video below).

Video Demonstration

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Although we know there are settings with rigid standards for updates every six months or annually (i.e., Medicaid or Medicare-covered services), there is no such requirement with commercial and self-pay clients seen at Rula.

You are required to complete Initial treatment plans in the first session. You may select the drop-down option to "Determine treatment goals" in the initial assessment and then make updates during the next visit. The initial treatment plan will carry over to your future progress notes so that you can refer back to it as needed. We recommend updating the treatment plan as often as you feel is clinically appropriate based on the client's progress and therapeutic needs related to their condition.

If you would like to learn some tips on how to write quality, compliant treatment plans, please view the below video.

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