Rescheduling appointments in the Rula provider portal

This article provides a video and step-by-step guide for editing and rescheduling appointments in the Rula provider portal.
You can edit and reschedule appointments within Rula's provider portal. This only includes follow-up appointments that have been confirmed and have yet to occur. 

You cannot edit or reschedule the following appointments:

  • Confirmed initial appointments
  • Appointments for days in the past or above the red line on your calendar that represents the current day and local time
  • Pending initial appointments for new clients that Rula is in the process of confirming for you

Please contact Rula Support through our chat widget to make changes to any of the appointments above.

Video Demonstration

Note: We're now Rula! You may still hear Path in our videos from time to time and we appreciate your patience while we continue to update our content to align with our new name.

This video provides a step-by-step guide for editing and rescheduling appointments in the Rula provider portal.

Guided Steps

Rescheduling appointments

To edit or reschedule a single appointment:

  1. Log into the Rula provider portal.
  2. Stay on the Schedule tab.
  3. Click on the appointment you wish to edit. Remember: You can only edit future appointments.
  4. Click on the three dots in the top corner for more options.
  5. Select Edit.
  6. To edit the date of an appointment, click the calendar icon.
  7. To edit the time of an appointment, click the drop-down menu and select a new time.
  8. Click Save to confirm the rescheduled appointment.
  9. A pop-up message will appear. Click Yes to confirm that you would like to reschedule the appointment.
  10. After you click Yes, you'll see a confirmation message that the appointment has been rescheduled.
    1. This also triggers an email to the client letting them know as well.
    2. Therapists do not receive email reminders regarding their appointments. Rula suggests therapists routinely log into the provider portal, check their schedules, and utilize their personal calendars to set reminders.

To edit or reschedule recurring appointments

  1. Follow steps 1-7 for single appointments.
  2. Under the start time section, click the radio button next to This appointment and following appointments and then click Save.

Screenshot 2023-10-10 at 9.45.26 PM.png

About recurring appointments

Rula will automatically book four recurring appointments on the same day and time for new clients. The goal of recurring visits is to make it easier to establish a consistent rhythm early in the therapeutic relationship with clients and take some of the burdens of scheduling off of your plate!

That said, you may adjust single appointments in the cadence of these sessions if you or your client prefer a different day of the week or timeframe.

Identifying recurring appointments

You can identify a recurring appointment by clicking on the appointment and reading the details box. Under the date and time, the frequency of repeats will be listed and the length of the series will also be explained. For example, the below appointment repeats weekly every Wednesday until August 30, 2023.

Screenshot 2023-08-15 at 10.28.52 AM.png



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