Submit a rematch request

Sometimes, the client we match you with may not be a good fit for you as the provider. If you feel you cannot effectively treat the client you have been matched with, you can request a rematch by completing our Care Coordination Request Form.

Submitting a rematch request allows us to find a more suitable match for the client while allowing you to be paired with someone you feel better equipped to provide care. We want to ensure our providers are comfortable and capable of treating each match.


When to use the form

Providers should use this form to request:

  • A rematch
  • Additional therapy services
  • Additional psychiatric services
  • Higher level of care services

Rematch: Discontinue seeing a patient and refer them to a different provider for the same service type. The patient will be notified that you requested a Rematch with a scheduling link to choose a new provider.

Add Service: Refer a patient to add a new service type

  • Individual Therapy
  • Couples Therapy
  • Family Therapy

Psychiatry Scheduling: Refer a patient to add Psychiatric Services

Higher Level Of Care: Request IOP, PHP, group therapy, or psychological testing for a Rula client.


Rula does not process HLOC requests for inpatient, emergency, or crisis services. Please follow the crisis plan for your practice for these situations.


Where to find the form

You can access the Care Coordination Request Form in the Rula provider portal, under Documents and Forms in the Resources tab.
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You can also access this form under the Web Links tab at the top of your EHR dashboard.

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Guided Steps

To request a client rematch:

    1. Click the Care Coordination Request Form.
    2. Select rematch in the issue field drop-down.
    3. Select a reason from the available options.
    4. Our Support team will follow up with the client within one business day and process your request.

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