Resetting your AdvancedMD (AMD) password

AdvancedMD (AMD) provides access to telemedicine links, appointment scheduling, notes, and other features. This article reviews how to reset your AdvancedMD password or get assistance if you can't log in.

Resetting Your Password

Follow these steps to reset your AMD password:

  1. Go to the AMD login page and click "Forgot your password?"
  2. Enter your login name and office key on the next screen
  3. Click the Help me reset my Password button
  4. Answer your security questions.
  5. Enter and confirm your new password. Make sure your new password:
    • Length between 8 and 20 characters
    • Includes a letter and a number
    • Can include special characters
    • Cannot contain your username
    • No repeated characters (such as AAAA)
    • No previous 6 passwords
  6. Click on the Change Password button to save your new password.

You can now log in with your newly created password.



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