Other clients showing up in your scheduler

When creating an appointment for a client from your Scheduler you may see more than just your own client listed when searching or navigating your schedule. This is an expected behavior in the EHR and not a cause for worry!

Searching within AdvancedMD

To easily find your client and ensure that you are selecting the correct client, Rula suggests searching within the EHR as so:

  1. Search in the format first name, last name
  2. Check birthday listed matches the birthday on file for your client
  3. Confirm address matches your client's address

As an added step, and to make searching even easier, you can search by chart number as well. 


Navigating the Scheduler

If you see other clients that are not yours under Coming Up on the Scheduler, please make sure that you are looking at your name on the Page and Column drop-down list. Also, you should always navigate to the Week view.

If you still see other clients listed from other providers who work with Rula, you can simply click on this arrow to collapse the left side panel and hide that area.


Collapse side panel.pngScreenshot 2024-05-20 at 9.51.00 AM.png


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