How you can get paid when using another video platform

This article reviews how the Rula provider portal is integrated with Rula’s internal Telehealth service to allow you to easily copy/share Telehealth links as well as join the video session directly from the calendar. It will also inform you of alternative, HIPAA-compliant, video platforms if the Telehealth links are down or not working properly.

HIPAA-Complaint Platform options

To comply with the law, the following steps should be taken by you as a provider if you would like to use a video platform as a backup (instead of the phone) when a link is not working:

  1. Create a personal account with a HIPAA-compliant video service.
  2. Obtain a Business Associates Agreement (BAA) with the service, if needed.
  3. Continue to schedule all patient appointments within AdvancedMD.
  4. Our system will continue to send Zoom links to patients 24 hours prior to their appointment.
  5. If, and only if, the link within AdvancedMD is not working, please email the client in real time with a video link you created through your personal account.
  6. Continue to document as you normally would to identify the location of service as telehealth/video.

Billing Details

Billing for sessions held on an alternative video platform is no different than billing when using the links within AdvancedMD!

Complete your notes and charge slips as you usually would in AMD, but just be sure to include in your notes that an alternative platform was used.


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