Language support for clients

Rula offers interpreter services to all Rula clients at no charge for calls into our Support line and therapy sessions during Telehealth. It is best practice to use a neutral party for language interpretation rather than relying on family members, friends, or the patient. This article provides guided steps for locating the Interpreter services request form in the Rula provider portal.

Live Visit Interpretation

For live visit interpretation, the Rula scheduling team will coordinate the scheduling of an interpreter. You’ll receive an email before sessions in which an interpreter will be joining. At the start of the visit, you'll see a third-party interpreter on the Zoom call. These interpreters are HIPAA-trained and focus exclusively on healthcare translation.

Follow Up Visits Interpretation

To request interpretation for follow-up visits:

  1. Log into the provider portal.
  2. Click the Resources tab, located on the menu on the left side of the page.
  3. The form will be located under the Documents and Forms section and is named Interpreter services request form.
  4. Click the form to open it.
  5. The request form will open up in a new browsing window.
  6. Complete and submit the form no later than 24 hours before the appointment's start time. The scheduling team will then book an interpreter for your requested session.



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