Expectations of therapists contracted with Rula

This article contains detailed information on Rula's policies for therapists who contract with us. It reviews our expectations for therapists with regard to punctuality, communication, and cancellation.

Video Overview

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This video provides an overview of the Rula policies and expectations regarding keeping scheduled appointments, therapist-initiated cancellations, and therapist no-shows. 


Rula expects all therapists to be on time for their scheduled appointments with clients. In order to achieve this, make sure that you have Zoom downloaded and have logged into the provider portal a few minutes before an appointment's start time. This way, you can resolve any issues prior to your client joining the session link.


If you are running late or experiencing technical difficulties with navigating your Telehealth link, please log into the provider portal and use the Messages feature to let your clients know. If you cannot resolve these issues on your own, reach out to Rula support for assistance.


We expect therapists to keep their scheduled appointments with clients. If an emergency occurs, please notify both Rula support and clients directly. You can message your client in the provider portal to cancel and always offer an alternate date and time to reschedule the session.

Clinical quality is one of Rula's core values and we expect all therapists in our network to demonstrate a high level of care and professionalism throughout every client interaction. If a therapist cancels an appointment with less than 24 hours' notice, it is considered a late cancellation.
After three no-shows or late cancellations, the situation will be investigated as a grievance.

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