Overview of Rula procedures

This article explains Rula's operational goals and how our network of providers functions.

Video Overview

Note: We're now Rula! You may still hear Path in our videos from time to time and we appreciate your patience while we continue to update our content to align with our new name.

This video provides an overview of Rula procedures related to getting clients, your first appointment, documentation, billing, and receiving ongoing support. 

Mission statement

Rula’s mission is to make mental healthcare work for everyone.

Our goal for clients is to provide world-class support and care. We collaborate with therapists who work with Rula to ensure that our clients receive life-changing treatment.

Our goal for therapists is to handle all of the busy work that goes into running a private practice and allow you to focus on working with your clients.

Getting clients

Rula schedules clients with you who are a match for your clinical skills and expertise.

When Rula alerts you that you have a new client booking, these are scheduled appointments and not referrals. You’ll receive an email from Rula whenever a new client is booked with you.

Your first appointment

We send three emails to the client prior to their first appointment with you:

  1. A brief intake form for them to complete (you’ll see their responses on their chart)
  2. A baseline outcome survey
  3. A link to their appointment with you

We expect all therapists who work with Rula to arrive on time to their scheduled sessions. If you or your client are running late, please adhere to our cancellation policy.

Documentation and billing

To maintain compliance with our payer contracts, and to ensure you are paid on time, we ask that you adhere to industry best practices of submitting documentation—like notes and charge slips—within 48  hours of each appointment.


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