Managing your schedule in the Rula provider portal

This article provides an overview of the Schedule tab in the Rula provider portal.
You can access and manage your calendar through the Rula provider portal. In addition, you may use this tab to indicate to Rula when you are available. This will help us schedule new clients on days and times when you have indicated you want to see them. Within the schedule tab, you can take the following actions:

    • Appointments
      • Create follow-up appointments (individual, couples, and family therapy)
      • Edit and reschedule initial and follow-up appointments
      • Cancel single appointments
      • Cancel recurring appointments
    • Calendar blocks
      • Create, edit, and delete calendar blocks to indicate unavailable time
    • Availability for new clients
      • Add and remove availability for accepting new clients
    • Telehealth sessions 
      • Join Telehealth sessions from your calendar
      • Copy Telehealth links, in case you need to send them to the client

While availability is primarily for new client appointments, your existing clients can reschedule single sessions directly from their patient portal. These rescheduled sessions will use your existing availability.

If you prefer that your client reschedule with you directly, tell them to contact you via email, phone, or Portal messaging for schedule changes.

Video Overview

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This video provides an overview of the Scheduling tab of the Rula provider portal.


  • Appointments: Confirmed, scheduled Telehealth sessions with your clients. These can be single appointments or a recurring series of appointments.
    • Example: You have a weekly appointment at 2:00 pm on Wednesdays with Roger Doe.
  • Calendar blocks: Dates and times when you are unavailable to see clients.
    • Example: You have blocked out Monday - Friday from 1:00 to 2:00 pm because you typically take a lunch break at that time.
  • Availability for new clients: The specific days, times, and number of appointment slots you are available to receive new clients. Rula will automatically schedule new clients for you if you are not paused and have capacity for new clients (have not reached desired caseload) and have not reached your weekly new client limit.
    • Example: You are available weekly Monday - Wednesday, 8:00 am - 12:00 pm.
    • If you need to update your desired caseload, please do so from the Practice tab. You may review this resource for steps: Update Desired Caseload .

Calendar view

Below is a snapshot of an example therapist's schedule in the Rula provider portal.

Untitled design (23).png

Below is a breakdown of the color-coded event types that appear on a therapist's calendar:

Dark purple Individual therapy
White “Initial” bubble The first appointment between that therapist and the client. Rula books these.*
Turquoise Couples therapy
Royal blue Family therapy
Dark gray Block
Light purple New client availability
Light gray with strikethrough Canceled
White Open


Note:  Rula schedulers automatically book recurring visits for new clients (one initial + four follow-ups.) If you do not have availability for five consecutive weeks, create a block over any time slots that you are not available. Appointments will not be scheduled over any time slots that you have blocked off.

*If you believe your initial assessment will last more than 60 minutes (up to 90), you must use a calendar block to block off the additional time on your calendar, as the Rula provider portal does not support 90 minute appointments.

For more information on the services you can provide at Rula, see: Services you can provide at Rula

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