Creating calendar blocks in the Rula provider portal

A calendar block represents a specific timeframe when you are not available to see clients. Calendar blocks may be several hours long or even whole days, like weekends. You could use calendar blocks for lunch breaks, time off, or days you might see non-Rula clients. 

This article provides a video and step-by-step guide for creating blocks in the Rula provider portal.

Video Demonstration

Note: We're now Rula! You may still hear Path in our videos from time to time and we appreciate your patience while we continue to update our content to align with our new name.

 This video provides a step-by-step guide for creating blocks in the Rula provider portal.

Guided Steps

To create a block:

  1. Log into the Rula provider portal.
  2. Stay on the Schedule tab.
  3. Click on any available white space on your calendar.
    • Note: You cannot create calendar blocks in the past, so always choose space either below the red local timeline or on a future date.
  4. The Add an event box will pop up, click the block tab.
  5. Type in a name for your new calendar block in the title box.
    • Most therapists just write “DNS” for do not schedule or “OOO” for out of office.
  6. The date field will auto-populate with the day you clicked on.
  7. If your calendar block is for the whole day, select the All day checkbox.
  8. Under Repeats, the default selection is Does not repeat.
    • If you would like this calendar block to be recurring, click the box to choose another option, daily, weekly, or biweekly.
  9. When you are satisfied with your selections, click the Create button.
  10. The block will now appear on your calendar in dark gray.


Example calendar with multiple blocks set up

Untitled design (31).png

Example block setup

Untitled design (32).png

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