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This article reviews the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes you will use to bill your services and the team you can contact if you need to change a CPT code on a signed charge slip. It will also address rules and restrictions when billing sessions. 

Understanding CPT Codes at Rula

CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) codes are standard codes healthcare providers use to bill services. Selecting the right CPT code is crucial for accurate record-keeping and claim processing. At Rula, CPT Codes for therapists are time-based. Although covered services vary by payer, we outline the commonly used psychotherapy CPT codes at Rula and provide guidance on their appropriate use below.

Rules and Restrictions

  • Insurance companies only cover one psychotherapy session per client per day. Do not bill multiple sessions on the same day.
    • You cannot bill individual and family/couples therapy for the same client on the same day.
  • Intake assessments must be completed in one visit.
  • Rula does not offer Group therapy at this time.
  • The allowable CPT codes (below) are in your provider contract for reference.
  • For more information about Rula's policy when using crisis codes, please reference the Access to Care Policy

Covered Services

CPT Code Services Duration
90791 Psychiatric Diagnostic Evaluation by a licensed clinician 16 minutes minimum (up to 90 minutes*)
90832 Psychotherapy- individual (not for initial assessments) 16-37 minutes
90834 Psychotherapy- individual (not for initial assessments) 38-52 minutes
90837 Psychotherapy- individual (not for initial assessments) 53+ minutes 
90839 Psychotherapy for crisis billed for the first 74 minutes, a minimum of 30 minutes
90840 Psychotherapy for crisis add-on each additional 44 minutes after 90839


Family/couples therapy without the client

26+ minutes


Family/couples therapy with the client

26+ minutes

  • The CPT code approved for an initial session is 90791.
    *Note: Initial Assessments (90791) can be billed up to 90 minutes if needed. However, it's important to note a 90791 is not a time based code, which means whether you spent 20 minutes or 85 minutes, the billing rate/reimbursement rate is the same. 
  • The rest of the codes can be used for progress notes.

Amending CPT Codes

  • If you need to change a CPT code on a signed charge slip, chat with us; we'll connect you with the Accounts Payable team. 

Additional resources

  • Billing and insurance policies - Provides procedures and policies for handling client billing, including insurance collection, credit card charges, and payment plans.
  • Creating and signing your charge slip - A step-by-step instructions for signing a billable note and charge slip in AdvancedMD.
  • Initial assessment - Provides clinical information needed to be collected for your Initial Assessment and includes a FAQ section.


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