Overview of the client chart in AdvancedMD

This article provides an overview of the client chart in AdvancedMD. This article includes both a written and video overview of this tool for your reference. Topics include accessing the client chart in AdvancedMD, and an overview of how to use the notes, quick memos, documents, encounters, timeline, and demographic sections of the chart. 

Video Overview

Note: We're now Rula! You may still hear Path in our videos from time to time and we appreciate your patience while we continue to update our content to align with our new name.

Accessing the client's chart

  1. Log in to AdvancedMD
  2. Search for the client by last name, first name
    Note: If there are clients with the same name, check DOB
  3. Click the client's name to open the full chart

Notes section

The notes section will show you all of the signed and saved notes for the client

  • Notes that have been signed will have the status signed
  • Notes that have been started but not signed will have the status saved

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Quick memos

The quick memos section can be thought of as sticky notes on the client's chart. These informal notes can be used to remind you of things like the client's preferred name and pronouns. To add a quick memo:

  1. Click the green plus Screenshot 2024-01-26 at 9.30.42 AM.png sign in this section
  2. Mark the type as Confidential
  3. Type in the memo
  4. Click the checkmark in the bottom right corner to save

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Rula's support team may also use quick memos to document information about Kaiser referrals. Learn more here. 


Here, you'll find the informed consent forms the client signed prior to the first appointment, as well as the completed intake forms. Note that intake forms are not mandatory for clients.

You can also upload any important documents that should be a part of the client's chart here. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Click the green plus sign Screenshot 2024-01-26 at 9.30.42 AM.png in this section
  2. Select Upload Document
  3. Select the document type from the Doc. Type drop-down
  4. Click Choose File in the Document to Upload section
  5. Select the file from your device and click Open
  6. Click Upload to Chart

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The encounters section lists all of the client's upcoming and past visits. You can view more details about these encounters in the timeline. 
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The timeline details all of the client's appointments, as well as any session notes and charge slips attached to that appointment. 

  • Session notes are signified by the clipboard icon
  • Charge slips are signified by the dollar sign icon

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To access the client's full demographic information, click on the grey profile picture in the upper-left corner of the chart.

The client's chart number can be found here in the demographics section.

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