Undoing a canceled appointment in AdvancedMD

Sometimes appointments get accidentally canceled in AdvanceMD or must be canceled due to schedule changes or conflicts. However, you may still need to attach a missed appointment note, which can only be done before canceling an appointment. AdvancedMD provides a way for therapists to un-cancel appointments.

Specific scenarios when you may need to un-cancel an appointment:

  • An appointment was canceled by mistake and must be reinstated
  • A patient missed an appointment, but you still need to attach a missed appointment note
  • Your schedule opened back up, and you want to fit a recently canceled patient back in

However, there are limitations. If a cancelation resulted in the slot being filled by another patient already, un-canceling may not be possible.

If you need to undo a cancelation, this article provides step-by-step instructions to un-cancel appointments.

Guided steps

  1. Log into the EHR
  2. Navigate to your Scheduler 
  3. Click on the list icon at the top left of your Scheduler
    Untitled design (11).png
  4. Filter for the day of the appointment that you are wanting to un-cancel
  5. Locate the appointment and un-check the box in the cancel column
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  6. Confirm that you would like to undo the action by clicking Ok
  7. Return to your calendar view and you should now see the appointment back on the calendar
  8. Now you are able to attach a missed appointment note to this appointment!

FAQs for undoing a canceled appointment 

Q: If considerable time has passed, is un-canceling still an option?

A: Yes! Even if considerable time has passed, un-canceling is still possible. 


Q: If an appointment is un-canceled, will the client see the appointment again on their end?

A: The client will only see the appointment again if they check the patient portal.


Q: If an appointment is un-canceled, will the client be notified?

A: If a canceled appointment is reinstated, the client will only be notified if the newly scheduled appointment is at least 24 hours in the future. In that case, they would receive the standard telehealth link email that goes out automatically 1 day before all appointments. However, they will not get any special or additional notification indicating the appointment was un-canceled.

Note: If the therapist mistakenly cancels an appointment and then reinstates it with less than 24-hours before said appointment, the client will not be notified. Please contact your client to confirm the appointment in this case.


Q: Once a therapist attaches a missed appointment note to an un-canceled appointment, must they cancel it again?

A: No, there is no need to cancel the appointment again. 


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