Link multiple notes to a session

This article includes and video and step-by-step instructions on how to link multiple notes to the same appointment. This is typically done when a non-billable note needs to be added. All notes, including non-billable notes, must be linked to a session. For example, adding an addendum to a progress note you have already signed, by linking a blank note.

Note types

Notes in the EHR can be divided into two categories; billable and non-billable.

All billable notes have an individual and couples/family version. Billable notes will automatically generate a charge slip once signed. Billable notes include:

  • The initial assessment and treatment plan
  • Progress notes
  • Missed appointment notes

Non-billable notes include:

  • Discharge notes
  • Blank notes
  • Safety plans

Best Practice

If there wasn’t a session on the day the note was created, the best practice is to link the note to the most relevant session, or the closest session that took place.

Guided Steps

To add a linked note:

  • From the EHR dashboard, search for the client and open their chart.
  • On the timeline located on the left of the chart, find the appointment you need to add the note to.


  • Click on the 3 dots next to the appointment.


  • Then, click on Add linked > Patient Note


  • This will take you to a new note where you can select the desired template and complete the note.
  • All notes linked to session will appear under the appointment date in the timeline.



Video Demonstration

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This video provides a demonstration of adding a linked note, please start the video at 50 seconds.

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