Initial assessment step-by-step guide

Prior to their first appointment, your clients are sent initial appointment confirmation emails that contain their measurement-based care surveys and their intake forms. We have combined these surveys to make it significantly easier for clients to complete them prior to their initial appointments. Please review the video demonstration and step-by-step instructions for conducting an Initial Assessment.

  • Reminder: Patient responses to the intake paperwork will no longer be auto-populated into the Initial Assessment template in AMD. Instead, the results of these surveys will be found in the documents section of the patient chart. Follow the steps below to locate the responses to these surveys and complete the Initial Assessment.


Video Demonstration

Note: We're now Rula! You may still hear Path in our videos from time to time and we appreciate your patience while we continue to update our content to align with our new name.

This video provides guidance on how to document the Initial assessment in AdvancedMD.


Step-by-Step Guide

Locate Intake Form & Measurement-Based Care Survey

  1. Log into AdvancedMD
  2. Search for your client using the last name, first name format


  3. Navigate to the documents tab on the right side of the patient chartScreen
  4. Choose Therapy_Intake_#{survey_date}.pdf to view the intake form. 

Conduct Initial Assessment

  1. Log into AdvancedMD 
  2. Search for your client using the first name, last name format


  3. Navigate to the timeline section on the left side of the patient chart
  4. Click on the three dots next to the appointment you are writing a note for and select "Add Linked"
    Screen Shot 2023-04-14 at 12.28.38 PM.png
  5. Choose "Patient Note"
    Screen Shot 2023-04-14 at 12.29.15 PM.png
  6. Choose the template, 1 - Initial Assess & Tx Plan INDIVIDUAL, for session with individuals. Choose the template, 2 - Initial Assess & Tx Plan COUPLE/FAM, for family or couples sessions.Screen
  7. Navigate through each tab to complete the information with your client. 


See Initial Assessment Requirements for more on successfully completing these assessments. 


Additional Resources

Best practices for your Initial Assessment Requirements - Tips and best practices to help in your initial assessments.

Sample Clinical Documentation Library - See examples of complete clinical documentations compliant with commercial payer requirements and industry standards.

Writing your notes while conducting a session - A guide on how to write your notes while conducting a call simultaneously.



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