Modifying your signed charge slips

This article explains proper procedures for amending charge slips after signing and the appropriate team to outreach for assistance. Charge slip documentation contains key details for accurate claim submissions and provider payments, therefore signed charge slips are locked to maintain the integrity of the information. However, mistakes occasionally happen that may require addendums, which will be reviewed in detail below.

Making Charge Slip Changes

Once digitally signed and submitted into the system, charge slips cannot be directly edited or deleted.

If any data changes are needed after signing a charge slip:

  • Contact Support immediately through the chat icon located at the bottom right of this page
  • Clearly explain the required adjustments or omissions
  • Supply applicable patient details for proper identification

The Accounts Payable team will review the submitted charge slip and contact you via email.

Signed Notes Cannot Be Edited

  • EHR notes cannot be deleted or changed after signing
  • Addendums can be added for clarifications or corrections
  • The original signed entry must stay in the patient record

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