Viewing completed and pending charge slips

This guide will show different charge slip statuses, including completed and pending slips, how to know if a completed note is connected with payment, and how to know if you have pending charge slips. 

Completed charge slips

Charge slips are tied to notes, which means in order to be paid you must complete a note and a charge slip for each appointment.

Once a charge note is completed and connected with a payment, you'll see a blue dollar bill ($) sign next to that appointment on the client timeline in AdvancedMD.

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Pending charge slips

From the main Dashboard, you'll notice if you have any unsigned charge slips through this icon.


Double-clicking on the icon will show any unsigned charge slips and double-clicking on the appointment will bring you to the charge slip that needs to be signed.

You can also see pending charge slips in a client's timeline. To do this:

  1. Search the client name in the patient search field
  2. Select the client
  3. Find the appointment with a pending charge slip in the timeline. An appointment with a pending charge slip will show a Screen_Shot_2022-04-27_at_9.26.20_AM.png green dollar bill ($) sign next to it.

From here, click on the appointment in order to open the charge slip that needs to be signed.

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