Understanding quality expectations at Rula

At Rula we believe that our focus on provider growth and development, in addition to the patient experience, elevates our provider network to the next level.  After licensure, clinicians have limited opportunities to develop their practices and target the key improvement areas that impact patient care.  We’re here to support your practice in these areas.  

The Clinical Quality team at Rula tracks key quality indicators, which serve to help you understand your practice’s performance. Below are the 5 key quality indicators, along with a description and Rula’s benchmark (research-based behavioral health industry goals): 


Quality indicator Definition Industry standard
Timely & signed documentation % of expected documentation completed within 48 hours 90%
Use of measurement-informed care in therapy Measure of provider utilization of MIC data in clinical sessions as reported in the progress note 90%
Client engagement Measure of patients who complete a 2nd visit with the same provider 80%
Client improvement % of patients that demonstrate improvement as evident on outcome measures 80%
Therapeutic alliance The feeling of alliance between the therapist and client, as reported by the client on the outcome measures sent prior to session.  99%


How will we monitor and use this information?

  • We have a real-time dashboard to help us monitor the network’s performance and shape quality initiatives which aim to drive improvement in growth areas (such as documentation timeliness) for all.
  • If we see that you have areas for improvement, we may send you a message with resources, strategies and videos to help you, or invite you to schedule a consultation with one of our Clinical Quality Specialists for 1:1 targeted support. 
  • We will also send messages to celebrate you for excellent quality scores or recent improvement!

What can you do?

  • Aim to meet industry benchmarks in your practice. 
    • We all want to provide effective, quality care in our practice, and having clear “targets” in mind for what those are is a great start.  
  • Partner, communicate, and collaborate with us. 
    • We all have improvement needs (including Rula as a network!), and we are investing our resources into you and your practice, with the shared goal of clinical excellence. We also want to hear from YOU, so we encourage you to outreach and connect with us to help shape and inform our quality initiatives.
  • Work with our Clinical Quality Specialists to help your practice thrive.  
    • Receiving a message from the Rula Quality team is not punitive.  The consultation session is an opportunity - to ask questions, obtain clarification, access resources, and collaborate, clinician to clinician. We also use this as an opportunity for us to learn from you. This is one way that we offer autonomy without the isolation.

We see Quality as an opportunity to get better every day, highlight our strengths, demonstrate our impact in client care, and celebrate our wins together.  Thank you for being part of Rula and pushing forward our mission of making mental health work for everyone.

If you have questions regarding these standards, please email us at quality@rula.com. We’d love to hear from you. 


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