Ongoing Credentialing Requirements

Therapists who contract with Rula must maintain their credentials while part of the Rula network, even if not actively treating clients.



We require an active license for therapists to remain in the Rula network. Licenses must be maintained and renewed according to state licensing board requirements. Licenses should be renewed before expiration. 


Professional Liability Insurance

We require 1099 contractor therapists to have professional liability insurance. For non-prescribing therapists, we require a minimum coverage of $1M occurrence / $3M aggregate, as our payer partners require.

Insurance needs to be renewed annually. You can update your malpractice and/or liability insurance in your CAQH profile. Log in to your CAQH profile at to update this information. Be sure to have your certificate of insurance, as you'll need to upload it to the documents section of your profile each time you renew your insurance. 

While Rula cannot recommend a liability carrier we do see several used by our contracted therapists. Such as the following listed:

  • CPH and Associates

  • HPSO

  • Liberty Mutual

  • Nexus Insurance Services

Research each one and select what fits your needs!

Please ensure we have your accurate email address on file so we can resolve any issues quickly and keep you seeing Rula clients. Failure to maintain proper credentialing may result in termination from the network. 


Credentialing at Rula

The credentialing team ensures that all providers are appropriately credentialed with our contracted payers. Our credentialing process is NCQA accredited, which means that we have “delegated credentialing” across all states where we are active. Rula is responsible for ensuring you meet all the requirements to be paneled with each payer. 


NCQA requires us to have policies and procedures to ensure we adhere to all payer contractual requirements in the credentialing process. Once onboarded with Rula, the credentialing team will conduct monthly checks for sanctions against your license and review licensure boards for any disciplinary action. You must notify our credentialing team if you have disciplinary action, a sanction placed on your license, or have been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor. In addition, failure to complete initial and annual HIPAA training can result in being removed from the Rula network, as this is a contractual requirement with our payers. 


We have a Credentialing Committee that meets every quarter to review and approve all new providers and revisit any complaints or disciplinary action against a provider.


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