What it means to be paused by Rula

Therapists are sometimes paused by Rula, meaning that their account status has been updated from Live to Not Live in our systems. This status will appear in the tools that Rula's scheduling and support teams use to find available slots on therapist calendars for new clients. While on pause, you won't receive new clients or be scheduled with new appointments until you have been "unpaused."

In short, Rula will not look for new clients for you while you are paused.

Pause reasons

Rula's Quality and Compliance teams may decide to pause a therapist for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to:

  • licensure issues (out-of-date or state)
  • no response to multiple requests for required documents (Certificate of Insurance, etc.)
  • issues of clinical quality
  • missing documentation for client appointments (progress notes, etc.)
  • 3 instances of therapist late cancellations, missed appointments, or tardiness
  • certain types of therapist grievances or complaints
  • the therapist is non-compliant with their HIPAA training
  • the therapist's current caseload is too high (above 70 clients)

What to do to resume receiving clients at Rula

Therapists cannot unpause themselves when Rula has made this decision. The Rula Compliance team will reach out to the therapist with an email explaining what to do once they've been paused to resolve the underlying issue(s). This will include further instructions on what actions need to be taken in order for the therapist's status to be updated from Not Live to Live, enabling them to resume receiving new clients and appointments. It's an easy process to switch therapists back once their compliance issue has been resolved!

If you have additional questions about your pause status, please contact support.

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