My login email isn't working for my Rula provider portal account

If the Rula portal login page is not accepting your email, you may be using a different email than the one used to set up the account or you have yet to complete the account setup. In just a few simple steps, learn how to rectify these common login problems, ensuring you regain access quickly and continue your seamless experience with the Rula provider portal.

If you're encountering login difficulties with your Rula provider portal account, follow these steps to resolve the most common issues:

Step 1: Verify Your Email Address

  • Check the Email Used for Onboarding: Make sure that you are using the same email address with which you originally registered when onboarding with Rula. Logging in with a different email will result in errors.
  • Use Your Initial Onboarding Email: It's important to note that changing your email in your Rula profile does not alter your portal login email. You must continue to use the email you provided at the start of your onboarding process.

Step 2: Confirm Completion of Account Setup

  • Review Your Account Registration Process: Incomplete account registration can lead to login issues. Ensure that you completed all the steps when you first created your account.
  • Complete the Email Verification: Confirming your email is a critical part of the setup process. If this was overlooked, your account remains inactive, and your email unrecognized.

Step 3: Locate and Follow Up on the Verification Email

  • Search for the Verification Email: Check your email inbox for any verification emails from Rula sent during your initial sign-up.
  • Act on Email Instructions: Execute the instructions provided in the verification email to fully activate your account, which will then recognize your login credentials.

Step 4: Restart the Account Creation Process if Needed

  • Begin Account Creation Again: If the verification email is missing, you may need to restart the account creation process for a new activation link. Restart the account creation process by clicking the link in the original invitation email.
  • Complete All Registration Steps: Be thorough in completing the registration, particularly confirming your email.

Adhering to these steps should effectively resolve login issues associated with unrecognized emails or incomplete account setups. For ongoing issues, don't hesitate to reach out to Rula's support team for further help.


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