Patient Rights and Responsibilities Policy

Policy: Patient Rights and Responsibilities 

Policy Number: 306 Policy Section: Quality
Owner: Head of Clinical & Quality Approved By: Paul Vogelman, COO
Effective Date: 7/01/2022 Date of Last Review: 3/24/2023


SUD Specialty Group -- CA; Mental Health Specialty Group, P.A.; Mental Health Specialty Group NJ, PC; and Mental Health Specialty Group KS, P.A. (collectively, the "Group") contracts with Path CCM, Inc. d/b/a Rula Health ("Rula") for management and administrative support services. This policy applies to the Group and Rula.


Policy Statement

This policy ensures that there is a process in place for addressing and providing patient’s access to their rights and responsibilities. 



This policy applies to all team members. For purposes of this policy, the Group’s and Rula’s team members include individuals who would be considered part of the workforce such as employees, independent contractors, business team members, and other persons whose work performance is under the direct purview of Rula or the Group’s business practices.


Definitions: None.



  1. The goal of providing patient’s their rights and responsibilities is to assure that all patients (and their families, as applicable) understand their rights and responsibilities and all team members understand and treat each patient with respect and dignity. 
  2. By recognizing and respecting the rights of each patient and by conducting business in an ethical manner, we believe we can improve care, treatment, services, and outcomes. 
  3. Patient’s are provided access to patient rights and responsibilities as posted on Rula’s website. At the time of entry into services, patients acknowledge understanding of their rights and responsibilities.  
  4. Patient’s rights and responsibilities are contained within Attachment A of this policy and can be shared with patients upon request. 


A: Patient Rights and Responsibilities 

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