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At Rula, we understand the critical importance of compliance in healthcare. Our dedicated compliance team and medical records department work tirelessly to ensure that both therapists and clients receive the support needed to align with ethical standards, Rula’s Code of Conduct, and HIPAA regulations.

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Understanding Rula’s Compliance Program Plan

Post-onboarding, therapists receive a copy of our Compliance Program Plan. This vital document, also accessible on our provider website, serves as a guide to Rula’s standards and expectations. It’s crucial for therapists to familiarize themselves with its contents, as it encompasses essential policies and procedures, professional and ethical service requirements, non-discrimination practices, and respectful treatment protocols.

Adherence to the Code of Conduct

All therapists at Rula are expected to adhere strictly to our Code of Conduct. This includes adherence to professional ethics, regulatory requirements such as thorough documentation, and non-solicitation of clients. Violating this Code of Conduct can result in dismissal or termination of the contractual relationship with Rula.

Access to Compliance Resources

Compliance Officer and HIPAA Privacy Officer: Therapists can reach out to our Compliance Officer, who is also the HIPAA Privacy Officer, at for any queries or concerns.

Compliance Hotline: A 24/7 compliance hotline is available for therapists to report concerns anonymously, either over the phone or through our website.

HIPAA Training Requirements: Proof of annual HIPAA training is mandatory for all therapists as part of our contracts with commercial insurance. This training is necessary for maintaining good standing in our network, although it is not compensated.

Medical Records Handling and Confidentiality

Medical records are handled with utmost confidentiality and privacy, in strict adherence to state and federal HIPAA requirements. Rula acts as the custodian of record, meaning therapists are not permitted to download or distribute any part of the medical record. We manage the retention, release, and audit requests of all records. In case of any requests for records, audits, or subpoenas, therapists are instructed not to respond directly but to redirect these to Our health information technicians and ROI specialists will handle these requests within mandated timelines.

Rula's robust medical records and compliance teams play a pivotal role in safeguarding client privacy and protecting therapists' practices. Understanding and adhering to these guidelines is essential for every therapist in our network to ensure the highest standards of ethical practice and client care.

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