Messaging other providers in our Electronic Health Record, AdvancedMD

This article will walk you through how to communicate with other providers in AdvancedMD. Specifically, it will inform you how to send individual messages to other providers regarding clients and how to view, reply, and delete messages in AdvancedMD (AMD).

Send individual messages to another provider

Therapists may need to communicate with one another or with Psychiatric Practitioners, such as Nurse Practitioners, regarding clients. Therapists can send messages to other providers within AMD.

Note: If you receive a message in error that was not intended for you, please delete it. Instructions are found towards the bottom of this article. Please don't contact the sender or reply to all. This is not a HIPAA violation, given that we all work for the same covered entity, but it is an error made by the original sender. Following these directions will prevent messages from being sent to all users within the platform.

Note: Releases of Information (ROIs) are not needed for two providers to communicate with each other for continuity of care related to mental health issues

How to send messages:

Find the username of the provider you want to contact.

  • From any note in the shared patient's record, view the "signed by" name
  • This screenshot shows examples of usernames for three different providers:  LISAP, GRACEL, and JOHNS.


Once you locate the name, you can go to their dashboard and click "Home." Then, from the dropdown menu, click "Messages" and "New."

Screen_Shot_2022-11-16_at_9.16.59_AM.png.    Screen_Shot_2022-11-16_at_9.17.53_AM.png                          

Select the user name of the provider you want to message (Found in Step 1) Screen_Shot_2022-11-16_at_9.18.51_AM.png

Click on the arrow pointing to the right to move the contact from the "Contacts" box to the "Route To" box.


Select "Send Indiv. Action Items. Very Important: YOU MUST NOT miss this step. If you leave "Shared Action Item" selected, the message will be sent to all providers, not just the one selected.


Identify the client you need to discuss with the other Therapist or Psychiatric Practitioner by:

  • Typing in the client's last name in the "PATIENT" field
  • Click on the magnifying glass
  • Select the correct patient from the grey dropdown box.Screen_Shot_2022-11-16_at_9.20.46_AM.png

Enter a message in the "Message" box

Hit "Send" in the bottom right corner


How to view and reply to individual messages

  1. From your dashboard, click on either the message donut wheel or the message at the top of your dashboard.
  2. Click on the blue "Reply" button to write a response
  3. Click "Send" in the bottom right corner to send a response

Note: When the reply is sent, the messaging system will direct you back to the original message. You don't need to send the message twice.

How to delete messages

  1. From the Messages tab, click on the box to the left of the message you would like to delete
  2. Select "Mark Done" 
  3. Messages cannot be retrieved once marked done

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