Working with Kaiser clients

This article addresses your questions about our contract with Kaiser Southern California and provides expert tips on how to work with your clients covered by Kaiser. It also walks through how you can bring Kaiser clients to join you at Rula and additional information on the Kaiser Psychiatry referral process. Therapy services, referrals, authorizations from Kaiser, and Kaiser patient behavioral health emergencies will also be covered in this article.


Does Rula accept clients covered by Kaiser?

Yes, we are currently contracted with Kaiser Southern California. Clients covered by Kaiser SoCal must be referred to Rula by their Kaiser PCP.  


Can I bring Kaiser clients with me when I join Rula?

Yes, you can refer Kaiser clients to join you at Rula. Kaiser clients will first need to obtain a referral from Kaiser.

To do this, they’ll call Kaiser directly at one of the following numbers, depending on their location.

Southern California
Available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

1-833-579-4848 (TTY 711)

Available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.:

  • Oahu: 808-432-7600
  • Neighbor Islands: 1-888-945-7600

Once they have a referral from Kaiser you can share your unique referral link with the client. Your Provider Success Associate will send you your unique link after you have completed onboarding. 

Your unique referral link acts as an intake form for the client. Once they have it filled out and submitted we will verify their benefits and schedule them on your calendar. Clients can even pre-select a specific date/time that matches their previous sessions with you so that our Scheduling team will know where to place them on your calendar.

Is there anything different I need to know about treating a client covered by Kaiser? 

Yes. Kaiser provides an initial referral for up to 16 sessions across all modalities (i.e., individual, couples, and family therapy). Historically, approximately 65% of clients will complete treatment in less than 16 sessions. The Clinical Care Review takes place automatically in the background of your practice. There is no need for therapists to count sessions or reach out to Rula to request a review.  There is no need for the client to count sessions or reach out to Kaiser to request additional care. For more details, please look at the section related to our Clinical Care Review process.

Does Kaiser's Believe Me Policy apply at Rula?

Kaiser has a "Believe Me" policy which allows for members to obtain the services they need from their effective date onwards even if coverage cannot be verified or the enrollment has not yet entered the Kaiser system. Any co-payments or charges would be billed according to plan.

Rula does not currently support a policy similar to Kaiser's "Believe Me" policy. If a patient mentions the "Believe Me" policy, kindly advise them to contact Kaiser directly for the most accurate information regarding their coverage and benefits.

Adding additional therapy services

Clients covered by Kaiser do not need a 2nd referral or authorization from Kaiser to receive couples or family counseling in addition to individual therapy. Our practice here is to work off of one authorization.

If a Kaiser client is seeing a therapist for individual therapy and wants to add couples or family therapy, you should still fill out the care coordination form under the Web Links tab in the EHR and Rula will set the client up for couples therapy the same way as any other client.


Creating Psychiatry referrals for Kaiser clients

Rula is not in network for Kaiser Psychiatry, so clients covered by Kaiser who need to be referred to psychiatry cannot be referred internally within the Rula network; they must be referred back to Kaiser per their regulations.

This referral process can be initiated by filling out the Care Coordination Request Form.

Your client will need to sign an ROI (release of information) to allow the therapist and psychiatrist to communicate after this referral is complete. Once that is done, you can stay in contact regarding the client's progress as needed. Contact can be through a scheduled phone call, faxing documents, and/or secure emails.

Where can I refer Kaiser patients who are in crisis?

Patients who are covered by Kaiser Permanente and who are experiencing a behavioral health emergency or having a mental health crisis should contact the Kaiser Permanente Behavioral Health Care Helpline (BHCL) at 800-900-3277. This number should be given out to patients covered by Kaiser along with 988 (the national crisis and suicide hotline). Both are available at no charge and open 24/7.


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