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This article  provides an overview of how client billing works at Rula and address questions about copays, coinsurance, deductibles, and which team to connect with if you receive questions from your clients about bills. Additionally, you can find further information on payment plan options, client balance, out-of-network clients, and details on billing for client letter requests. Questions from your clients about bills can be directed to our Support team and therapist-related questions regarding payments are handled by our Accounts payable team.

How do you handle client billing?

We collect client credit card information before adding a new client to your calendar. We handle the collection of client obligations (e.g., copays, coinsurance, and deductibles) by charging their card on file. Copays or coinsurance are charged automatically once you complete a charge slip. If a client has a deductible, we will bill the payment after we've received notice from the insurance company regarding a claim.

Medical billing can be complex, and often, questions arise. Because of the process mentioned above, clients may feel they were charged in error, even twice, for a single visit. The most common scenario for this is when we bill the client for their copay or coinsurance upfront and then later bill the remaining deductible balance to them once we hear from the payer. Questions from your clients about bills can be directed to support@rula.com


Do you offer client payment plans?

Upon request, we will offer clients a payment plan. Typically, these plans start at three months without interest. We have found it helps clients stay updated on their bills.


Why are you emailing me about a client's balance?

Rula performs administrative tasks like collecting client balances, so clinicians do not need to worry about this. However, untangling client responsibility from ongoing therapy sessions can sometimes be complex. We have found it is best to follow up with clients often and frequently about balances. It is not suitable for the client to accumulate a large balance. If a client has a balance and has no mechanism or plan to resolve that balance (e.g., a working credit card on file), we can contact you to pause or transition care of a client. Typically, we allow 14 days for a client to continue being seen without payment, as we do not want to abandon any client.


Why are you emailing me about a client being out of network (OON)?

We make every attempt to verify a client's insurance benefits accurately. If there is an error during the verification of benefits process, Rula reaches out to the client and the therapist, advising them of the error. Rula honors the previous billing terms for two bridge sessions to ensure that client abandonment doesn't occur and to allow the therapist/client to wrap up any existing care. All clients are offered our self-pay rate and can continue care at that rate should they choose.


Can I bill time for writing client letters?

You can find more details about letter writing in this article.


What if I have questions about my payments?

For any questions related to your payments, please email our Accounts Payable team at accountspayable@rula.com.


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