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This article addresses your questions on existing Psychology Today profiles and informs you on how Rula can create and manage a new Psychology Today profile for you. It will also walk you through why you will see our Support team's phone number and email address added to your profile.

Existing Psychology Today profiles

Rula cannot take over existing Psychology Today profiles. However, we are happy to create and manage a new one for you. If you want a new profile created by the Profiles team, please email

Our goal is to market therapists at Rula to prospective clients most effectively. Depending on profile effectiveness, we may use all, some, or none of the marketing channels available. Still, we may deactivate these profiles if we believe they are not showcasing therapists as intended. Please don't worry; we will take the proper steps to fill your caseload if you need more clients.

Different address appearing on your profile

Rula places therapist profiles in areas based on client demand and is likely to change over time. For this reason, you will often see an address on your profile different than the place you live in.

Adding personal phone number/email on profile

The phone numbers and email addresses shown on profiles direct clients to our Support team to help them get through the registration/scheduling process; because of this, we cannot use personal phone numbers or email addresses on profiles. 


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