Computer and browser requirements at Rula


This article gives you guidance on the basic types of computers you should and should not use to conduct your sessions. It also details which web browser is recommended to conduct therapy sessions.

What type of computer should I use to conduct sessions?

  • Any basic computer is typically sufficient for holding sessions through Rula. Most of the tools you'll use to conduct sessions and do administrative work are done via the web. Meaning, that not many hardware specifications are required in the computer itself. 

Are there any computers that should not be used?

  • Something like a Chromebook or an iPad may not be sufficient to use for sessions due to their lower-powered processors.

Which web browser should I use?

  • It is recommended to use a search engine such as Google Chrome rather than Internet Explorer to conduct your therapy sessions. Internet Explorer may not properly load all windows needed to complete Telehealth appointments. 

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