Rula therapist network Slack usage terms & conditions

To help ensure a safe and productive work environment, all users of Rula Therapist Network Slack channels (“Rula Slack channels”) must comply with Slack’s Acceptable Use Policy and all applicable policies established by Rula and SUD Speciality Group (referred to as “Rula” in this document) including the Code of Conduct, the Licensed Provider Independent Contractor And Arbitration Agreement, and this document. These terms and conditions may be updated periodically and at the discretion of Rula.


Objectives of Rula-hosted provider Slack channels

Rula has created Rula Slack channels for active Rula providers to connect, support, and engage with other members of the provider community. While these channels are meant for the provider community, Rula employees have access to these channels and may moderate discussions to clarify and enforce Rula policies. The Rula Therapist Network is not intended to serve as a Rula-monitored support channel and support-related inquiries should be directed to The Slack forum is intended for:

  • Community building
  • Provider networking
  • Providing peer support
  • Peer to peer case consultations, recommendations & resource sharing 
  • Participating in industry relevant discussions
  • Sharing industry best-practices
  • Contributing to a more positive and inclusive workspace for all Rula providers

Terms of use

The existing Rula Code of Conduct and Licensed Provider Independent Contractor And Arbitration Agreement applies to all interactions on Rula Slack channels, including but not limited to these provisions:

  • It is expected that all employees and contractors providing clinical and/or administrative services at the Group will maintain the highest level of professionalism, accountability and ethical behavior.
  • All employees and contractors are expected to behave in a manner consistent with Group’s Mission and Values statements
  • It is expected that all employees and contractors will treat patients, community partners, and peers courteously and respectfully at all times.


The following is not permitted on Rula Provider Slack channels:

  • Soliciting other providers to move Rula patients to a competitor or private practice (this is not permitted under the Licensed Provider Independent Contractor And Arbitration Agreement)
  • Soliciting other providers to leave Rula for competitor
  • Sharing advice related to legal issues in practice 
  • Making disparaging statements about Rula or Rula employees
  • Making disparaging statements about Rula providers
  • Making disparaging statements about Rula patients
  • Disclosing PHI (this is not a HIPAA compliant platform)  

Violation of terms

Rula reserves the right to remove content and/or uninvite users from Rula Slack channels for any reason. Violation of the Code of Conduct and/or Independent Contractor Agreement as observed in these Slack channels may also be grounds for suspension and/or dismissal from the Rula provider network.


Clinicians will be served a written warning for a first and second offense. A third offense will result in suspension from the Slack community for 3 consecutive months. If another violation should occur following the 3-month suspension, Rula reserves the right to dismiss the clinician from the Slack platform permanently.


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