Releases of information

A Release of Information (ROI) is a document that allows a client to choose what information is released from their medical record. It also allows the client to choose who receives the information, how long it can be released, and under what guidelines. 

A valid ROI form is signed by the client and authorizes the therapist to release client-specific information to others. 

Requesting an ROI for your clients

The Medical Records team will handle this by sending your client an email to gather an electronic signature on a release form. 

  1. Log into the provider portal and click the Resources tab to access and complete the ROI Request Form and initiate the request. All required fields must be completed to process the request. Please complete this form during a session with the client when possible. provider portal
  2. The Records team will email the client to sign a release electronically. Once completed, the team will upload the signed ROI into AMD (see the "Documents" folder) and inform you once the process is complete. 
  3. ROIs can take up to 30 days to process.

Note that you can also access the ROI Request Form via the Web Links tab in AdvancedMD. Click here for more information. 

When You Need an ROI

Generally speaking, you'll need a signed ROI from the client to correspond with an external party that is not a covered entity (i.e., school, case worker, probation officer, attorney, etc.). 

When You Don't Need an ROI

  • You don't need an ROI to speak with or email another healthcare provider about the client's care. The HIPAA Privacy Rule allows healthcare providers to coordinate care without a client's authorization when connecting with another healthcare provider (i.e., a physician, another therapist, hospital staff, etc.). These communications are covered under Treatment, Payment, and Operations or TPO. TPO also allows healthcare providers to make a referral to connect the client with services or resources or communicate with an insurance company without an ROI.
  • You do not need an ROI to release information to the client for things like letters or paperwork you've completed at the client's request. 
  • You do not need an ROI to speak with a parent/guardian of a client for anyone who is aged 17 and younger. Unless a biological parent’s rights have been terminated or there is information in the minor client’s record that could reasonably be harmful to the minor child if the information was released, both biological parents will have the right to access the minor client’s medical records regardless of who signed consent for the minor. Please review the Medical Records section of Rula's Clinical Quality Practice Guidelines for Minors for more information.
  • You do not need an ROI if a client requests a therapist to talk with their partner, a relative, or a friend. In these situations, document the request in your note and that you obtained verbal consent from the client. 
  • You do not need an ROI if someone else is joining a session at the client's request. Document the process in your note to specify that the client AND guest provided verbal agreement. Please review the Rula Agreement for Guest Participation for more information.

Authorization to Release Patient Information Policy

To learn more about the process for the use and disclosure of protected health information (PHI) pursuant to written authorization, please click here

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